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Simu+ is an interactive voice-based communication platform for anyone with a mobile phone. Designed to offer educational courses for rural populations, empowering them to become well-informed citizens capable of taking the right decisions. Simu+ offers adult education for all (15 yrs+) using a mobile phone on an anytime anywhere basis.



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E-Learning Platform

The E-learning is a platform built by ADC to equip individual farmers and Farmer Based Organisations with the necessary skills and help them to access to funds required for them to increase their produce. The main purpose of the E-learning platform is to further extend the services ADC has to offer and have a larger outreach to farmers and FBOs as per its mandate.

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To support these organizations in becoming profitable, sustainable and bankable enterprises that are able to provide efficient and effective services to their farmers and access financial services.


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Our Services

organizational training
We provide training to a minimum of 100 Farmer Based Organisations (FBOs) annually.
Improved Access to Markets
Improved Access to Markets
Provide marketing training to a minimum of 50 FBOs annually. Promote the use of supplier/buyer contracts.
Financial Management
Financial Management
Strengthening management of 100 FBOs in terms of book keeping, preparing annual accounts and loan management .